The legislature


It is constituted by the mornachy House of

Commons and House of lords

Means of becoming a


member of parlia


















Virtue of office()


Powers vested in





Only institute empowered to make, amend and abolish laws.




All other institutions derive their power from parliament




It approves the government budget




Decisions made by it are binding for all and can not be

over ruled by a court of law.




Parliament has powers to remove an unpopular

government from office.

The mornachy















Serves a symbolic and ceremonial role in the






The mornachy appoints the prime minister and

approves the cabinet.




Functions of monarchy


Enforces national laws and every law requires the accent of the crown.





The monarchy appoints and removes government






Manages the country’s foreign policy including the

enactment of treaties.





Summoning proroguing and devolving parliament.





Appoints judges.

Pardoning and giving reprieve to people who have

been accused of committing various offenses.





Leadership of the Anglican Church in England in

that the monarch appoints Bishops and archbishop.

Significance of the





Its presence provides continuity of the executive policy.




It inspires the head of government with a sense of





Acts as a useful councilor to the head of government.




It is the symbol of common wealth unity.




It sets standards for social life.




The royal family pays visits to royal governments and

towards other commonwealth governments.


2.The house of lords











It is based on hereditary principle.





It consists of about 1,200 members.





800 members are hereditary peers





26 are bishops





21 are lords of Appeal

Ways of becoming a member


of the House of Lords.










By being appointed by the monarchy





Through heredity





Other members are appointed by virtue of their

positions in the society.

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